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This blog was started by Julia Pimes and Óscar Diaz to compile an extensive database of Contemporary Art coming out of Central America and it's diasporas. We are both artists and committed to studying the region. Julia is Salvadoran and Óscar is Salvadoran as well. You can also request info in spanish info if need be. for diaspora artists they will be tagged diaspora. The cositas link is for miscellaneous things having to do with art in Central America and it's diasporas. This tumblr does not claim the rights to any of these images.
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Kaqchikel Guatemalan artist Edgar Calel interview for the XVIII Bienal de Guatemala. 

Toni Mena | El Salvador

 from the Accumulation series | 2013

In Accumulations Series, I transform the most common day-to-day objects found in the Salvadoran landscape such as the typical beach sandals known as “yinas” or “chancletas.” These works are tropicalized ready-made versions. My process consists of selecting and collecting these sandals at river deltas on the Salvadoran seacoast. Then in the studio, all these collected materials are cut, washed, classified, combined, organized and assembled by nailing and gluing. The resulting pieces are formal studies of material, texture, form, color and composition. Finished pieces are then sealed in plexiglas’s cubes. In this manner, Accumulations Series recontextualizes waste objects into accumulative assemblages, shaping and following circular and random spiral paths. -Toni Mena

Ana Elena Garuz | Panamá

Nube Negra | 2008 | BAVIC

Ricardo Miranda Huezo | Nicaragua

Sin título |2008 | interactive net art and projection 

"Este trabajo trata de la tensión entre la cultura mass mediática del contexto y la "realidad." El mouse descubre otra cosa, bajo la "imagen cartoon", pero este descubrimiento es temporal y supeditado a la acción del mouse, esta "imagen cartoon" se impone, persevera e inevitablemente termina cubriendo. De tal forma que es imposible ver esta "realidad" permanentemente."-RMH in BAVIC catalog

Daniel Hernández-Salazar

Fiat Lux | 2008 

Intervención lumínica sobre lugar de memoria vinculado con desapariciones forzadas o ejecuciones extrajudiciales ocurridas durante los años 1980, en el pico de la guerra sucia en Guatemala.-BAVIC catalog

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Guillermo Vargas (Habacuc) | Costa-Rica

La Regadera, Instalación #1|2005 MADC

Victoria Chaves 

Valla | 2007

La obra respresenta una prenda intima femenina infantil la cual lleva estampada la imagen de uno de los símbolos que distinguen a Costa Rica por su biodiversidad : a rana del bosque tropical. La obra cobtrasta por un lado la noción de Costa Rica como destino eco-turistico y por otro lado, como destino de turismo sexual.-Construcciones / Invenciones: De la Suiza Centroamericana al país más feliz del mundo exhibit

Alberto Cerritos | El Salvador

Altar for peace 9 | 2007 digital art

I have started a new blog called SalvadoranArtHistory which will document artworks from El Salvador up until the end of the 90’s. Follow it! 


Regina José Galindo



a recent performance and video work by Galindo. The land around where the artist is standing is being removed by an excavator, a reference to the mass graves of those who were “disappeared” during the military regime of Efraín Ríos Montt—a figure praised by Ronald Reagan as “a man of great personal integrity and commitment,” who was recently acquitted for genocide and crimes against humanity.-Pablo León De La Barra

Alex Cuchilla | El Salvador

Argonauta from the series Ciudades Volátiles |2010

Imprimatura en creta, óleo, grafito y encáustica sobe lienzo


notebook experiment 2 revision

Maya Lemus | Guatemala

Q’uchüch 2010

Qiana Mestrich | Panama

The Mist in Mystic 2013 four images from the series